Ross Galt Rural Security Solutions – Easy and Affordable

Protecting your farm or rural property has never been easier or more cost effective, thanks to Ross Galt Lock & Alarm Ltd – the innovators of Total Security Solutions.

Rural crime is on the rise in all regions – 1 in 4 farmers have had stock stolen in the past 5 years.

The most targeted items on rural properties include livestock, fuel, quad bikes, firearms, machinery, chain saws and tools.

With so much at risk, who would you trust to protect your livelihood?

Ross Galt Lock & Alarm Ltd have built a reputation for the past 52 years as the most trusted and respected security company in Canterbury.

Making a name for themselves as leaders in the locksmith industry especially in Christchurch, the business has expanded to offer a highly trained fleet of qualified and Site Safe certified electronic technicians.

The Ross Galt team works closely with owners of commercial and domestic farms to create a “custom-built solution to meet their individual requirements”.

Most farmers require technology, not only to prevent theft, but to maintain the health and safety of workers and animals.

For rural areas, Ross Galt recommends cameras and beams with long range radio frequency alerts.

Among their offerings is New Zealand brand Parabeam – a perimeter beam alarm which allows customers to remotely monitor driveways, sheds, machinery, and fuel storage facilities.

Offering visual and sound notifications, customers can monitor who turns up at their property thanks to an invisible IR beam.

One Ross Galt customer uses Parabeam to alert her when customers enter her nursery business, ensuring she never misses a sale while working at the back of the property.

Another customer, John, had pigs stolen from his farm and contacted Ross Galt to find a way to “catch the thieves in the act”.

Their solution was to install two external solar powered beams on the property.

Two cameras were mounted to a T-Pole, providing the best quality images in both day and night situations.

When the beams were tripped by a human, John received an instant push notification to his phone so he could view the cameras live on his mobile app.

Rural business owners use cameras not only as a deterrent to criminal activity, but to comply with MPI rules and regulations.

“Farmers have a duty of care to provide a safe workplace for staff,” Ross Galt says. “Cameras are the easiest way to monitor the safety of farms and to review processes to prevent accidents and injury.”

There is no “one size fits all” security solution for rural lifestyle blocks or farms.

“Ross Galt takes the time to get to know each customer, working with them to build an integrated, personalised solution for their situation and budget, which is priceless.”

With their recent introduction of RuralCo card payment options, Ross Galt encourages any farmers and rural home or business owners to give them a call to discuss their requirements.

With half of a century spent delivering the highest standard of customer service and workmanship, it makes sense to “trust the most trusted” to protect your farm and rural property.

Originally published in the Canterbury Farming newspaper – March 2022.

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Ross Galt Rural Security Solutions – Easy and Affordable

Ross Galt Lock & Alarm Ltd now accepts Farmlands and RuralCo payments - so there is no better time to protect your farm or rural property with affordable and easy to use alarm and camera technology. As well as a crime deterrent, cameras will improve productivity on your farm and help you comply with MPI rules and regulations.