Livestock Rustling! No more!

The Problem:

A local farmer had experienced theft of live animals on a few occasions & came to us seeking a solution. Ideally, he wanted a system that could detect only human or vehicle entry through a padlocked gate & along a 200m boundary fence & instantly notify him including live video footage to his mobile phone. He didn’t want to be bothered by rabbits, cats or possums!

The Challenge:

A large & isolated property where the farmers house was approximately 1.5km from the area requiring the security solution. The site had power but not an internet service.

The Solution:

We installed a solar wireless beam system with 2 active infra-red beams, 1 across the gate & the other 2m inside & along the 200m fence line. The beam receiver unit was interfaced to a CCTV system recorder with 2x 4K Ultra High-Definition cameras mounted on a 4m steel pole & providing coverage of a wide area. A 4Gsimcard router was also installed.     

The Action:

When either beam is triggered a push notification is instantly sent to the farmers mobile phone to allow him to quickly verify the situation & react accordingly. He can also remotely view the cameras at any time on his mobile phone or laptop.

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