Our CheckMyCCTV service monitors the status of your CCTV systems 24/7 to identify issues before they become critical.

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24/7 System Checks

Your systems are checked every hour of everyday, so faults and issues can be detected and resolved in a timely manner, before they become critical.

Routine System checks

Your systems are automatically checked for faults, tampering, and vandalism which affect their performance

Daily Status Report

CheckMyCCTV can send Daily Status Report emails which show a ’snapshot’ status of your sites in one email.

Live Status Page

CheckMyCCTV can generate a web link, so you can see the live status of your sites on your phone, tablet, or browser.

Works with systems behind firewalls

CheckMyCCTV works even if your CCTV systems are behind a firewall or there is no direct connection to the system, using the optional CheckMyCCTV Connector app.

Image Integrity Checks

On compatible systems, the integrity of the images can also be checked automatically. You are alerted if your cameras have been tampered with, obscured, moved, out of focus, or too bright or dark.

Scalable maintenance service

CheckMyCCTV is scalable to monitor an unlimited number of sites. Sites can be grouped together, so you can manage a chain of stores or just a single site.


$39.95 +gst

12 month minimum term

  • Your installer no longer needs to send engineers to check the operation of your CCTV.
  • Site visits are targeting just CCTV systems with faults.
  • Typically, CCTV maintenance can be reduced from two site visits per year to one.
  • Cost reductions of 30% or more can be achieved.

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